I grew up in a small village called Bunyol, in Spain, and spent most of my childhood in an old cinema run by my family. There I developed a fascination for filmmaking. I studied Journalism (University of Valencia, Spain, 2008), completed a Master in Innovation and Quality in Television (University Pompeu Fabra, 2009) and a Diploma in Creative Documentary (University del Valle, Colombia, 2014). I have a (practice-based) PhD in Film Studies from UCL (2022) on Latin American women’s documentary cinema. Since 2008 I have been working as documentary researcher, cinematographer, and editor for several productions, such as ‘Dr. Moises Broggi’ (TV3, Spain, 2010), ‘I wasn’t always dressed like this’ (D-AEP, UK, 2013), and ‘Changing of the Guard’ (Telesur, UK, 2018). I have directed Pilas (2019) and co-directed #PrecarityStory (2020). Currently, I am developing Processing Images from Caracas. My films have been awarded by UNESCO, Talencia, Alcances and DOCMA, and have been shown at cinemas, international film festivals, and art galleries. I have taught at the University of Essex, the University of Westminster, University Arts London, and University College London. I have presented my research at conferences such as Visible Evidence and LASA and have published academic articles in several journals, including Alphaville and Feminist Media Studies. In 2021, I co-organized the international conference Cozinhando imagens, tejiendo feminismos. Latin American Feminist Film and Visual Art Collectives, from which I co-edited a namesake section for Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, published in 2022. Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in Film Production at Arts University Bournemouth.  


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