I grew up in a small village called Bunyol, worldwide known because of ‘La Tomatina’, although we also have many other interesting things, such as a medieval castle and an amazing but mostly dried waterfall. As a child, I was really fortunate. I spent most of my childhood in an old cinema run by my family where I developed a fascination in filmmaking. Soon I became more and more interested in documentary films. I studied Journalism at the University of Valencia where, among many other things, I was inspired to look critically at how women were represented on screen. Since I finished my Masters Degree in Innovation and Quality in TV (University Pompeu Fabra, 2009), I have been working as a journalist, documentary researcher, filmmaker, and editor for several award-winning productions, such as ‘Dr. Moises Broggi’ (TV3, Spain, 2010) and ‘I wasn’t always dressed like this’ (D-AEP, UK, 2013). In 2014, I won a scholarship by Ibermedia to complete a Diploma in Creative Documentary in Colombia. Currently, I am working on my first “feminist” documentary film, which explores the life of a group of underprivileged young girls from Colombia. I also write documentary reviews for the Spanish newspaper ‘Diagonal’ and work as a video producer at the University of Essex, where I film and edit short films, and deliver camera & editing, and documentary filmmaking workshops for BA and MA acting students.